Cost of Living in Garden City, NY

Cost of Living in Garden City, NY

  • McCooey-Olivieri Team
  • 06/17/23

Verdant green spaces, an incredible array of high-end luxury real estate, vast culinary offerings from chef-derived menus, and a centralized location close to stunning New York locations such as Manhattan and the Hamptons are just some of the amenities you’ll find in Garden City. This charming community on Long Island teems with fascinating attractions, such as top-rated museums and the well-loved Roosevelt Field Mall and its 270 shops, making it the perfect place to explore and create unforgettable memories with loved ones. An equal blend of refinement, tranquility, and friendliness abounds in Garden City, and this combination is perhaps why so many people want their own slice of real estate here.

If you're considering purchasing a home here, it’s important that you look into the cost of living in Garden City. The community’s incredible mix of suburban charm and city-like conveniences makes it one of the most desirable places to live in the state, and because of this, many residents are looking at a heftier price tag for rent and home prices.

Is Garden City, NY, expensive to live In?

This depends on your financial situation and how much money you can allocate to your mortgage, groceries, and utilities such as water, electricity, and more. However, in more technical terms, the cost of living in Garden City is 65% more expensive than the national average. Generally, it boasts the same expenses as the average city in New York.

While the cost of living may seem steep, it's important to remember that the quality of life in Garden City is exceptionally high. Residents here have the best of both worlds: suburban serenity in a location close to urban conveniences in Manhattan and other booming cities. Because of this, Garden City is a highly desirable location for those who can afford it.

How do Garden City, NY prices compare to other US cities?

Compared to other U.S. cities, Garden City's prices are considerably higher. The median home price in Garden City is around $876,500, significantly higher than the U.S. average of $338,100. The high housing prices in Garden City are reflective of the desirable location, beautiful homes, excellent educational opportunities, and array of local amenities this suburb has to offer. It’s important to factor in the community’s attractions when deciding whether or not the high cost of living is worth it.

What is a livable salary in Garden City, NY?

A livable salary in Garden City, NY, is subjective and dependent on a variety of factors, including household size, lifestyle, and personal financial obligations. However, given the cost of living index, it's clear that the income needed to reside in Garden City comfortably is higher than the national average. Potential residents should be prepared for the high cost of housing, utilities, food, and transportation, all contributing to elevated living costs. The median salary of an individual living in Garden City is $73,338, with an average household income of $186,607.

What is the average rent price in Garden City, NY?

Rental prices in Garden City are also above average, reflecting the suburb's desirability and high standard of living. On average, a studio apartment in Garden City costs around $1,851 per month. This estimate provides a general baseline, but potential renters should note that costs can fluctuate based on factors such as location, apartment size, amenities, and current market trends.

What is the median home price in Garden City, NY?

The median home price in Garden City, NY, is one of the key factors contributing to the high cost of living in the area. The median home value in Garden City is around $876,500, far exceeding the US average. This high median price is indicative of the quality, size, and location of the homes in the area, all of which contribute to Garden City's appeal.

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