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Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Say hello to David, a dynamo of determination and passion in the New York real estate world. He stands not on the sidelines, but in the hustle and bustle, ready to take on your real estate dreams. With experience in the high-pressure realm of sales, he has fine-tuned his resilience and determination, promising to fight tooth and nail for you.

For David, real estate is more than business—it's about life, dreams, and the joy of finding that perfect home. He understands that the walls of a house enclose more than rooms; they enclose dreams, hopes, and the future. And he is committed to being your trusted guide on this transformative journey.

David wields a deep knowledge of market trends, spotting opportunities with a keen eye. Yet, it's his heart that sets him apart. He treats every client's dream as if it were his own, putting all his energy and expertise into making it come true. He works on a team with decades of experience and expertise in real estate. He is an integral part of The Mccooey Olivieri Team and is considered one of their rising stars.

Choosing David means choosing passion, perseverance, and a genuine personal touch. It means choosing someone who won't rest until you're turning the key in your dream home's door. David isn't just in the business of houses—he's in the business of homes, of dreams, of future relationships with his clients and he can't wait to be a part of yours.

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